What is FHASTpulse?

The healthcare industry is in a state of constant disruption. It’s hard for even the most experienced of professionals to sift through the overload of information to determine what’s really important and what’s just noise.

But in an environment where the stakes are so high, you can’t afford to miss a beat.

FHAS has our finger on the pulse of the latest news and cutting-edge developments at the intersection of health, government, and technology, with a specific focus on claims and appeals reimbursement. With over 20 years of experience adjudicating healthcare appeals in the government and private sectors, our team offers a unique perspective, understanding the interests of patients, providers, and payers alike. 

At 1:00 PM EST every Friday, we publish "The Weekly Scan," highlighting the top stories of the week in both the public and private healthcare sectors. We share short excerpts, so you can quickly get the facts and move on with your day. If you want to learn more, you can click through to read the primary source. Subscribe to get updates delivered straight to your inbox. 


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