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  • A new article by Andrew Bindman, M.D. explores the differences in the California and Oregon Medicaid managed care programs, and makes recommendations based on the success of the Oregon model. By using coordinated care organizations, assigned to specific geographical regions of the state and which do not compete with each other, Oregon has improved quality of care while slowing the rate of spending. California uses a similar model of a County-Organized Health System (COHS), but the Oregon payment model is different, giving the organization a global budget dependent on hitting quality and financial benchmarks. (JAMANetwork.com)


  • A new feature in National Affairs details the history of the Medicare program, advocates its importance for the the health of aging Americans, but also makes a detailed proposal for reform. The proposal highlights six key feature: 1. A combined insurance product, encompassing the existing parts A, B, C, and D; 2. Community-rated premiums, or the same rates for all despite health; 3. A smaller universal entitlement funded entirely by the Medicare payroll tax; 4. Additional financial support if needed based upon lifetime earnings; 5. Beneficiaries should receive their financial support via a defined contribution payment; and 6. Help Americans save more while working for healthcare in retirement. (NationalAffairs.com)

  • Democratic senators Chris Murphy and Jeff Merkley proposed a new Obamacare revision proposal Wednesday called the “Choose Medicare Act.” The plan differs from Senator Bernie Sanders “Medicare for All” proposal by offering a Medicare option for all those individuals and employers who want it, but also still permitting private insurance options. (TheHill.com)

Private Sector

  • Yesterday Kaiser Permanente released the results of a decade-long community health study focusing on topics including youth health education, creating sustainable change through policy changes, and combating obesity through nutrition and physical activity. (KaiserPermanente.org)

  • Former U.S. Representative Henry Waxman (D-California) champions universal care while offering a critique of the proposed “Medicare for All” plan and the risks accompanying single-payer health care models. (NYMag.com)

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