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  • Native American tribal leaders are seeking exemptions for their constituents from Medicaid work requirements in applicable states but are being met with resistance from the Trump administration. The administration argues that Native Americans are a race, not a separate government. (Politico.com)

  • The State of New York is conducting a pilot program to assess the outcome of expanding Medicaid coverage to include birth doulas for beneficiaries. Black and low-income women are four times more likely than white women to die in childbirth, and also most likely to want but be unable to afford access to a doula for their birth. The program will be finalized by the state within 45 days and begin shortly after. (NYTimes.com)


  • A new study from the University of Pittsburgh revealed that many Medicare ACO beneficiaries with chronic conditions are bypassing primary care physicians and going right to specialists to address their health concerns. The researchers suggest that payers could save money by shifting to less expensive primary care. Patient demographics and the type of health condition resulted in some variation in results. (MedPageToday.com)

  • A new Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program that hopes to prevent Type 2 diabetes in seniors and those with disabilities is struggling to gain traction. The program consists of a year-long series of classes focusing on education about nutrition and physical activity, but enrollment is low due to limited sites because of daunting administrative requirements. (CTMirror.org)

Private Sector

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona announced a new partnership with the FarmExpress mobile produce market to improve access to fresh fruits and vegetables for members in Arizona. Access to fresh produce in many areas of the state is limited, and BCBSAZ is optimistic that this partnership can lead to decreased rates of obesity and diabetes. (BCBS.com)

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