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  • North Carolina Court holds Medicaid eligibility is not interrelated among benefit programs. (NCCourts.org)

  • In Elmira, NY, a pilot is underway at two hospitals to decrease Medicaid costs by making services more efficient and reducing hospital visits. (StarGazette.com)


  • The Departmental Appeals Board holds that physician cannot engage in bilocation while billing Medicare program for services. (HHS.gov)

  • Anthem is making adjustments to its business structure by moving away from the Affordable Care Act and focusing on Medicare Advantage and has already seen increased profits in Q1 2018. (Forbes.com)


  • GAO issues report to Senate Finance Committee and House Energy and Commerce Committee on CMS Innovation Center Performance. (GAO.gov)

  • CMS releases proposed rule for 2019 Long Term Care Hospital and Inpatient Prospective Payment Systems to empower patients through better access to hospital price information, improve patients’ access to their electronic health records, and make it easier for providers to spend time with their patients. (FederalRegister.gov)


  • Class Action class certification motion filed by Health Care Cooperative to compel cost sharing reduction payments under the Affordable Care Act. (USCourts.gov)

  • Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms Dismissal of Class Action arising from Affordable Care Act enrollment call center. (USCourts.gov)

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