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  • A Texas-based physician was charged in an indictment unsealed yesterday for his role in a $240 million health care fraud and international money laundering scheme in which he allegedly administered chemotherapy and other toxic medications to patients based on false diagnosis. (Justice.gov)

  • The psychiatrist of a nonprofit mental health services provider for low-income residents of Camden, NJ admitted yesterday in federal court to signing fraudulent treatment plans meant to mislead New Jersey Medicaid inspectors. (Justice.gov)


  • HHS Secretary Alex Azar dismissed critics yesterday who claimed President Trump's proposed "American Patients First" plan moved away from his campaign pledge to have Medicare directly negotiate drug prices. Azar stated: “The only way that direct negotiation saves money is by doing something this administration does not believe in: denying access to certain medicines for all Medicare beneficiaries, or setting prices for drugs by government fiat." (TheHill.gov)

  • Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced yesterday that CMS has again approved the state's unique "Total Cost of Care All-Payer Model" for a 5-year contract. The model saved Medicare over $586 million through 2016 compared to national spending, and is expected to provide an additional $300 million in savings per year by 2023. (Governor.Maryland.gov)


  • In a decision last Thursday, Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James C. Chalfant wrote that the county violated state law by terminating Medi-Cal coverage for beneficiaries even though they turned in their renewal paperwork on time. The ruling orders the county to fix the problem. (LATimes.com)

Private Sector

  • A recent survey by Reaction Data revealed that 62% of healthcare executives support Amazon's presence in the medical supply sector, and 49% believe that Amazon should focus on providing general commodities to the industry. (ReactionData.com)

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