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  • The JPMorgan Chase Institute released a new report titled: "On the Rise: Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Spending in 2017." By leveraging financial transaction data, the report provides a unique cash flow view of families’ healthcare out-of-pocket spending and financial burden. The report includes the first available estimates of 2017 healthcare out-of-pocket spending trends, as well as a first-ever look at year-over-year trends at the state and county level and for different demographic groups. Of note, year-over-year growth in out-of-pocket healthcare spending levels accelerated since 2014 to 8.5 percent in 2017, while the burden of healthcare spending as a percent of take-home income ticked up slightly. Additionally, in 2017 families in Utah spent the most on and were the most burdened by out-of-pocket healthcare spending, while families in California saw the highest growth in spending levels. (JPMorganChase.com)

  • Expanding Medicaid in states that have not yet extended their programs would save more than 14,000 lives per year, according to new data compiled by the Center for American Progress. Additionally, CAP found that Medicaid expansion can lead to reductions in infant deaths, reductions in uninsured opioid-related hospitalizations, and earlier and additional cancer diagnoses. An introduction to the report explains: "These new estimates underscore the lifesaving effects of Medicaid expansion and its role in combating some of the nation’s most deadly health crises. The estimates also demonstrate the extent to which expanding Medicaid in remaining states would reduce bankruptcies, enhance public safety, keep money in families’ pockets, and more." (AmericanProgress.org)

Durable Medical Equipment

  • The CMS Qualified Independent Contractor (QIC) Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Formal Telephone Discussion Demonstration is expanding into Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) Jurisdictions A and B, effective November 1; supplier participation remains voluntary. All DME claim types are eligible for the demonstration, except claims or suppliers involved in another CMS initiative (i.e., Settlement Conference Facilitation, Prior Authorization for Power Mobility Devices) excluded in all jurisdictions; and claims for glucose/diabetic testing strip supplies excluded in Jurisdictions A and B only. CMS plans to expand the demonstration into the Part A East QIC Jurisdiction in the future. (CMS.gov)

  • An opinion was issued on the matter of LeadingAge N.Y. v. Shah, which challenged certain regulations promulgated by the Department of Health (DOH) on separation of powers grounds, the Court of Appeals affirmed the order of the Appellate Division holding that two of the challenged regulations fell within the agency’s regulatory authority but that a third was promulgated in excess of the agency’s delegated powers. The regulations at issue limited executive compensation and administrative expenditures by certain healthcare providers receiving state funds. Supreme Court declared that two regulations did not violate the separation of powers doctrine and were not arbitrary and capricious but that the third regulation was invalid. The Appellate Division affirmed. The Court of Appeals affirmed, holding that the third regulation was promulgated in excess of DOH’s administrative authority but that Petitioners’ challenges to the other two regulations were properly rejected. (Justia.com)

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